At Gallery Last Touch, we offer various services and products catered specifically for your needs.

We do not go by the principle of "one-size-fits-all": We treat every client specifically so that our services will be satisfactory.

Among are services are:


Framing - Offering a variety of profiles and materials that are sure to fit any client's needs. From the simplest frame to the most elaborate one, we are sure to offer you a beautiful product to showcase and preserve whatever you are framing. We use the best materials available on the market so that the frame will last for as long as physically possible, to be cherished by future generations. 


Stretching of canvases - We stretch both painted canvases and blank canvases depending on your needs. We are more than happy to see a previously rolled up painting stretched and looking beautiful as it deserves to be. Blank canvases are, however, yours to make into a work of art, and we can provide them in standard or custom sizes.


Exhibition Space - Contact us to enquire about our exhibition space policies


Art & project consultation - We are here to offer our expertise in helping you with any elaborate project you might be thinking of - or have already - started. We can help in any possible way we can; be it if you're undecided how or where to hang a new painting or if you are tackling an artistic project which you might need some experienced help with. Whatever it might be, we can probably help you - if we can't, we are sure to find someone that can.



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