List of artists whose work can be found at Last Touch

Aaron Bezzina

Aaron Bezzina started his professional career as a shrimp farmer in Austria. As one might be aware, the problem with an Austrian shrimp farm is that there are no shrimps in Austria due to the lack of shrimp habitat also known as the sea. (excerpt from XIV Catalogue)


David Xuereb

Maltese artist fluent in all forms of media. David's works are characterised by his seemingly incongruent style. Though his works might seem to be works by many different artists, they all possess the same intangible and indescribable quality which stems from the freedom with which he works.

Matyou Galea

Matyou was born in Betlehem in the 1802 where he grew up to become a shiny that was used by her Royal Highness the Queen of Hearts, who is not related in any way to the lady on the deck of the playing cards. (excerpt from XIV catalogue)

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