About Us

Gallery Last Touch has a history of almost 2 decades from its very inception to where it stands now. Starting only as a pulse inside the founder David Xuereb when he knew he was to somehow be involved in the art scene. The Gallery is now an established name in the local scene, having numerous local as well as international clients. Through its lifetime, the gallery has gone from conception - a pang in the founder's mind, to birth, which was in the form of the first workshop that Xuereb operated which was to grow into a conglomeration of a gallery and a workshop working besides each other, from which Xuereb was to acquire his reputation as an artist first and foremost and an honest businessman.

Nowadays, Gallery Last Touch has ample space to both act as a manufacturing space as well as a gallery. Having a casual atmosphere, the gallery is removed from any sense of superficiality, leaving the works displayed in the gallery to speak for themselves and the artists. 


By always trying to stay ahead of what others doing, the gallery has recently formed a joint effort with a youthful team of friends and artists - ASaP, who along with Xuereb will be administering the gallery to entertain the needs of the contemporary art scene.

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